Step 10: The Accessories

It is imperative to your organization’s success to answer the needs of each employees.

  • As the telephone is the vital link between your business and your customers, any system that improves this interaction is advantageous.
  • Telephones should be equipped with high quality headsets to ensure clear, static free operation and encourage use.
  • A separate rest area exclusively for employees will provide relief from stressful situations often encountered in high volume operations. The rest area should be close to the office and will contribute significantly to the productivity level of employees.
  • Clocks should be located where they can be easily seen. Allow room for different time zones.
  • A bulletin board should be an integral part of the information process.
  • A library of reading materials pertinent to your industry should be maintained for the benefits the staff. You may wish to locate these materials in the employee’s rest area.
  • Provide convenient, clean, adequate rest-room facilities as well as water fountains near workstations.
  • Adequate coat storage and/or employee lockers are amenities that improve the workplace.
  • A private office for employees’ special use, for that occasional private personal call or counseling session will also improve your organization.