Step 2: Head and Eyes

Your screen should be 18″ to 31″ from your eyes. Your head should be angled slightly downward when looking at the center of the screen. If you are continually referencing a document, try to place it at the same height and angle as the screen. If the monitor is too high, or low, use a suitable support to place it at a comfortable height. Often using the CPU as a base results in the monitor being too high.

During breaks, focus on something far away to relax your eye muscles. It’s a good idea to avoid close focus activities (like reading) during breaks to allow the eyes to rest.

  • If windows are not visible from all positions, hang simple pictures or posters prominently.
  • Avoid busy images and those with little contrast.
  • Provide objects at least 20 feet away where employees can look at, and focus upon. This way they can refocus and relax their eyes during short breaks simply by turning their chairs. This is critical for those who must use VDT terminals, where the normal focus distance is only two feet.