Step 7: The VDT and its Keyboard

If a VDT (Visual Display Terminal) is part of the equipment needed by each employee, allow extra space at each position so that access is easy and the VDT does not intrude into the regular work space. As with television, static electricity on the screen surface attracts dust. Anti-static mats help reduce this static electricity build up. Periodically clean the screen to ensure that the image is as clear as possible; otherwise, the strain put on employees’ eyes may result in visual fatigue. 

  • The VDT should be maintained in good working condition. Screen defects can cause characters to flicker or reduce legibility. To detect a legibility problem, enter the following text on the screen: “XK, OQ, TY, S5, IL, UV, I1″. When difficult to distinguish a pair of characters in this line, a problem exists.
  • The screen must well defined, stable (no flickering) and well contrasted in relation to background, so as to be easily readable.
  • VDTs with high resolution give better image quality and are less visually fatiguing. If your VDT is used more than 50% of the time, use a high resolution screen.
  • The keyboard should be located at a height conducive to typing.
  • The keyboard should be detachable from the screen and in good condition.
  • Make sure overhead lighting does not cause any glare. 

The arrangement of the work area should permit “arms reach” availability of everything needed to handle a call without leaving the chair or straining or bending.