Our Team

Stephane Trottier

An accomplished and fluently bilingual ergonomist with more than fifteen years of experience in Canada’s telecommunications sector, Stéphane Trottier has established himself as a recognized expert in the application of human solutions to business challenges to maximized the benefits of leading-edge technology for a wide range of clients. With a solid background in psychology, interior design and business administration, Stéphane also includes in his portfolio of achievements the creation of Stentor’s national Ergonomics program for call centres, the introduction of the psychosocial factors of ergonomics, the creation of the Body Part Discomfort Survey, and completed ergonomics team training, health and safety teams and proactive medical management to new or existing office environments.


Dr. Joe Selan 

Dr. Selan received his Ph.D. in Human Factors Psychology in 1986. During his graduate career, Dr. Selan worked as an Industrial Engineer Research Associate conducting ergonomic research for the U.S. Bureau of Mines and the U.S. Air Force. His areas of expertise include job analysis, ergonomic job redesign, product evaluation and ergonomic planning for new facilities. He is the editor of “The Advanced Ergonomic Manual”. He has developed control programs for cumulative trauma disorders in the poultry, electronic and semiconductor industries. He has developed and conducted ergonomic training programs and is the author of several articles on ergonomics and a frequent lecturer for various industry groups throughout the country.


Sharon Horan- B Sc OT (C), C Ped (C)

Ms. Sharon Horan, graduated from Dalhousie University with an Honors Degree in Occupational Therapy in 1987. She continued post graduate 

Ms. Horan has been providing effective occupational health services which facilitate quicker injury claim settlement and early return to work. Ms. Horan maintains strong interest in the business community. She is a Director for the St. John’s Board of Trade, a member of the WHSCC committee of the Newfoundland and Labrador Employers Council, Chairperson of the Newfoundland and Labrador Occupational Therapy Board and nationally is a past president of the Pedorthic Association of Canada.study in the field of Pedorthics from the Pedorthic Association of Canada receiving her designation of Canadian Board Certified Pedorthist in 1995. Ms. Horan brings strong knowledge and expertise in both Ergonomic and Injury Management assessment, training, and rehabilitation. Ms. Horan is also a certified Key Functional Assessment Specialist


Linda Platt

Kinesitherapist, Massage practitioner and Active Release Technique Provider 

Ms. Platt is a professional health practitioner and believes in preventive and maintenance care with a holistic approach for the body. Ms. Platt specializes in Massage, Kinesitherapy, Exercise Therapy (stretching, E-cises, strengthening), Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.), Postural Evaluation, Ergonomics and also benefits from a strong background in nutritional consulting, herbal products and aromatherapy. 

Linda continues to work with many health professionals to provide quality healthcare to specific organizations such as International Human Factors Consulting, an ergonomics firm in Ottawa and the Office of Dr. Peter Delorme of Gatineau. 

Linda is pleased to offer her clients the opportunity of having access to a Multi- Health Facilities for your family health needs. Her partnership with Stephane Trottier of International Human Factors includes emergency treatment services and on site or home treatment within an ergonomics requirements and Return To Work treatment program. 

Linda offre les services de traitement dans les deux langues officielles du Canada


Carine Moreau

With a bachelor degree in Ergotherapy from Ottawa University and a Bachelor degree in Sports therapy, Carine brings International Human Factors’ clients great expertise in ergonomic assessments and accommodations. Carine is directly involved with organizations in their ergonomic program development and injury, discomfort prevention measures and training.



Shona Anderson. CCPE, RK

A Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist, with a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo, Shona Anderson has more than 15 years of office and industrial ergonomics experience within the ecomunications , railway transportation, electronics manufacturing, food production, and oil and gas evironments. She is an accomplished and engaging speaker and is frequently asked to conduct training seminars and speaking engagements. Included in the services she provides are training courses and hands-on workshops as well as Individual Job Assessments, all of which are custom tailored to suit an individual client’s needs. Her wide range of experience is demonstrated in her expertise in assisting companies in their Corporate Ergonomic program development and assistance in implementing successful recommendations. Shona has conducted over 2000 office ergonomic assessments.


Barbara Kowalski, OT

Barbara currently provides end to end disability management consulting to the Manitoba client base. This includes ergonomic assessments, case management, return to work coordination, occupational therapy services, health and safety expertise and policy development. Barbara consulting portfolio includes ergonomic assessments and team training to school board offices and organizations such as Veterans Affairs Canada and Manitoba Telecom Services. Barbara is also an expert in call centers within in the banking industry.

Barbara is also a sought after speaker and outstanding trainer. She teaches both the mental health and ergonomics modules in the Rehabilitation Assistant Program at the Winnipeg Technical Centre and is also an investigator for the regulatory college of Occupational Therapists.


Dr. Michel Dandurand

Since 2003, Michel has been assisting International Human Factors in stress management programs, sport nutrition and the identification of musculoskeletal and biomechanic disorders through chemical imbalance. Michel specializes in optimal nutrition, stress management and the prevention of back injuries. Michel is sought after for his health and nutritional conferences and cardiac coherence programs. He has developed training sessions for the introduction to Yoga and Tai Chi, Pilates as well as Brain Gym.

Michel has introduced, in our region, the JeartMath physiological coherence program, a stress management system offering freeze-framer technology. Member of the Canadian Association of the Products of Health and avisor in sporting nutrition, Michel is a doctor of chiropratic.


Jill Bates, CK (Kin) 

A Professional Kinesiologist from Waterloo University with more than 10 years of expertise, Jill has provided ergonomic expertise in both office and industrial settings. Her expertise ranges from ergonomic analysis, development of disability management programs, injury prevention, functional abilities and physical demands analysis to providing pre-employment screening and implementation of microbreak stretching programs.

Jill’s background also includes a membership in the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology with expertise, sports medecine, anatomy, biomechanics, human movement disorders and coronary heart desease. She graduated in medical exercises therapy and is a professional fitness and lifestyle consultant.