Welcome to International Human Factors

Ergonomics is about the individuals and their environment. Ergonomics is concerned with the fit between the workers, the activities they wish to carry out, the tools, machines and systems they use to aid them and the environments in which they are performed.

International Human Factors prefers an holistic approach taking into considerations; the physical factors, anthropometry, psychosocial aspects, social interactions, organisational issues, environmental specifications and more.

A chair must be the adequate for the user and not ergonomically designed for the manufacturer. A computer program must be understandable, the instruments in an aircraft must be readable by the pilot and the lighting in a factory must be adequate to reduce potential risk of injuries

Unfortunately the word ergonomics is widely used in advertisements and editorials for everything from kitchen sinks, underwear to cars, computers and aircraft. In fact people are able to use poorly designed equipment, often under difficult working conditions, therefore it shows that people are adaptable and able to accommodate themselves and tolerate small departures from optimal designs of the equipment they use and the environments in which they work.

International Human Factors will help you identify when there is a limit to the amount of adaptation an individual may reasonably complete and when it may impact efficiency in doing a job, increase stress levels and strain on the users. When we concentrate on accommodating the individual and identify each human limitations instead of concentrating on purchasing often unnecessary technology, reduction in injuries, comfort levels and increased productivity is the result.