Begin an exercise that you enjoy, Preferably, do something that brings you into contact with other people. The value of such exercise, three times a week for 20 minutes to two hours, can not be over emphasized. Enjoyable exercise, in moderation will make you feel better right away! 

Exercise has another beneficial effect. Most people, when exercising, do not worry. They are actually resting the nerve cells in the brain that worry, giving those cells time to renew their stores of positiveness, so they can function normally the next time they are needed. 

There are other ways of “resting your mind”. Dancing, listening to music, reading, working on a craft, playing a musical instrument, meditation, self-relaxation, and biofeedback also relieve stress. Any activity that concentrates your attention on a subject other than life’s problems will help rest your mind. This rests the “Problem Solving” part of your brain, allowing it to regenerate HAPPY MESSENGERS and renew itself.